Pitch & Putt Community

The history of the current Longmeadows pitch and putt facility is a story of grass roots, bottom up development of a community resource for Ballyfermot. Dublin City Council contributed the land for the course and its parks department carries out continuous improvements and the day to day maintenance. Longmeadows leisure company operates the course and has the responsibility for the further development and expansion of the overall facility and to increase the range of activities it currently offers and to ensure the operations long term financial sustainability.

The Concept of the course grew out of the number of activities of a number of pitch and putt clubs based in Ballyfermot, who then convinced Dublin City Council in 1997 to convert a derelict site into a pitch and putt course, and in-turn establish a company to manage the course on behalf of the local community. Construction work began on the course in 1997 and we then opened in 2000.

The course is fully maintained to the highest standard by the excellent staff of the Dublin City Council. In 2009 our state of the art clubhouse was built. While the course itself is the main attraction, the availability of a pleasant indoor facility in which to relax, socialise and take refreshments before and after playing pitch and putt is seen as an essential component of the overall experience.

Longmeadows pitch and putt company is already a prime example of partnership between agencies. Our long standing relationship with agencies such as Ballyfermot partnership, Dublin city council, Department of Social Protection (DSP) and the Pitch & Putt Union of Ireland has proved to be a key element in offering a state of the art facility for the people of Ballyfermot and surrounding areas.

Longmeadows is located close to the M50 and with easy access to Dublin city centre it has the potential to attract more visitors to Ballyfermot. This will have a beneficial knock on effect to other services and businesses in the area, thus improving the local employment potential.

The Facility is been used more and more by local people and those in surrounding areas. We have also seen an increasing number of organisations using the facility for social events.

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